Global Ecommerce. Delivered.
IndiGateway enables Brands and Merchants
increase their India cross border online sales by offering
unique customized solutions cost effectively.
Our India Ecommerce logistics capability & domain
expertise enables us to offer unique solutions for
Brands and Merchants.

Our Services

    • Pickup and delivery of shipments across the globe
    • Expertise in customs regulations in multiple countries for smooth clearance of shipments
    • DDP service with assured duty to enable Merchant to offer fully landed cost.
    • Optimum solution based on our expertise, knowledge and access to leading networks in the world like FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Belgium Post, Swiss Post, India Post, China Post, Hong Kong Post etc.
    • Warehousing and fulfillment
    • Inventory Management
    • Pick & Pack
    • Cataloging
    • Liquidation Service
    • Local Customer Service
    • Seamless Pick up
    • Product health check
    • Packing and re-dispatch
    • Repair and Return
    • EOR for Indian Merchants
    • Cart integration
    • Checkout management
    • Secure Payment collection
    • Multi Currency payment for localized shopping.
    • Absorb currency risk due to market fluctuations
    • Multichannel Marketing
    • Merchant On Record Services
    • IOR and EOR services
    • Cataloging & Customer Service
    • Dashboards and global trends
    • Enables global customers to buy locally in India
    • Expands market for local marketplaces/ Merchants.
    • Consolidation resulting in lower shipping cost